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A message to AnimateArchive users:

Adobe has recently begun taking measures to shut down Animate Archive. While they are technically within their legal rights, this will have a devastating effect on our community. As of today, none of the links on the archive work.
It saddens me to admit that the future of the archive is uncertain. Users deserve accessible, user-friendly, and affordable software, but Adobe's shift towards subscription models has moved away from these principles.
Subscription-based models often lead to less efficient development and higher prices. They allow companies to stop focusing on making the best tools they can, and instead focus on services and retention rates. In contrast, platforms like Steam by Valve, Blender by The Blender Foundation, and other user-first initiatives thrive because they put user needs and affordable access first.
Hell, much of today's technology owes its existence to open-source software and the dedicated individuals behind it. Without their contributions, the tech landscape, as well as the greedy corporations that profit from it, would be vastly different. It's the individuals, not the corporations, who genuinely care about delivering quality and accessible tools. They are the true backbone of our digital advancements.
I am sadly only one person. I often joke about what 1000 of me could do, but it's true. Projects like Animate Archive take time to cultivate and build, and that can be very difficult to balance with a full-time job. While I'll continue to do what I can, as I love Flash and believe it's one of the best multimedia tools around, I encourage everyone to look towards and support alternatives built by companies and individuals that care about their users.

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